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Budding Trees_Process 3_Photo by Rishi S



Inspired by nature

Kami is the Japanese word meaning ‘god’, ‘divinity’, or ‘spirit’; but it also means ‘paper’.

Kami reside within nature.

They dwell in the sky, in the ground, in the wind as well as in various objects such as old trees, big rocks, and man-made creations.


Kami move freely beyond time, universe and places, appearing during events,

as well as in our houses and our bodies.



These spirits also dwell in paper.

In the religion of Shinto, white paper is considered as a sacred material.



“Ya-o-yorozu no kami”is the term we use in the Japanese language to speak of the infinite gods and spirits who live together all around in the world and the universe.


Working within this cultural framework, she uses the traditional method of Japanese paper cutting to bring attention to the delicate relationship we as humans have with the environment.

Within work,

she wants to create a discussion about how we relate and care about the world we were given.






Born in Yokohama, JAPAN

2012-15  -National Academy School of Fine Arts, NY​, USA
Art Residency
2015-17  -59 Rivoli, Paris, FRANCE
Now Showing
CHRISTIAN DIOR "Designer of Dreams", Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Tokyo, JAPAN
Stage  Art
2022-23  -Ryoko Moriyama Concert Tour "My Story 2022-23"
2020-21  -Ryoko Moriyama Concert Tour "My Story 2020-21"
Selected Solo Exhibitions
2023     -Kamigami no mori, Takashimaya, Osaka, JAPAN
2022     -Kamigami no mori, Seibu Ikebukuro, Tokyo, JAPAN   
                 -AKIIRO KITTE, KITTE Marunouchi, Tokyo, JAPAN
2021     -Kaminoyama, Rokkosan Silence Resort Gallery, Kobe, JAPAN
2020 -Roots, Kirienomori Museum, Yamanashi, JAPAN
                 -La banquet de lumier, Wako Ginza, Tokyo, JAPAN
                 -Lumier_CATWALK, Kokura, Kyusyu, JAPAN
2019     -Ayumi Shibata s Paper World_Hankyu Umeda Honten, Osaka, JAPAN
     ‐Ayumi Shibata s Paper World_about her, Osaka, JAPAN
                 -Toki no Mori_Gallery Yamagoya, Tokyo, JAPAN
2018     -In the Jar -Within the Hands of Gods- _Gallery Amane, Yokohama, JAPAN 
            -KAKUREGA_Garde Collective, Tokyo, JAPAN
2017     -Feu de Brousse_Goethe Institut, Antananarivo, MADAGASCAR
                 -Plumes & Poésie_ Miki Mialy, Paris, FRANCE
2016     -Ayumi Shibata x Repetto_Repetto Opera, Paris, FRANCE
2012     -The Night Forest_Omotesando Koffee Gallery, Tokyo, JAPAN
                 -Tree House Project_Gary Snyder Project Space, NY, USA
2010     -KAMI/Papre;Spirits_LINN Gallery Restaurant, NY, USA
Selected Group Exhibitions
2019    -HABILLONS L`HIVER_Shiinoki Geihinkan, Kanazawa, JAPAN
                -International Triennale of Craft Art 2019_Kanazawa 21th century museum, Kanazawa, JAPAN    
                -Sutekini Syokutaku/ Gallery Malle, Tokyo, JAPAN
2018    -DAINANAKAN_Amane Gakkery, Yokohama, JAPAN
                -Papier Gloval 4 Paper (International Triennale of Paper Art 2018)_Stadtmuseum, GERMANY     
                -YOMIGAERI_Sway Gallery, Paris, FRANCE              
                -Ulysses_ Milano Malpensa Airport, Milano, ITALY
2017    -le jardin des etoiles_space SYMBIOSIS ,Sapporo, Japan 
                -MISAKI Art World_Stage art for Amanjyaku no yume, Okayama, JAPAN
                -Passion Papier_Galerie Atelier du Genie, Paris, FRANCE
                -Carte Blanche au Papier_Procédés Chénel, Vanves, FRANCE
                -Magiques_montour les buttes, Orléans, FRANCE
2016    -Une théorie des Grandeurs_Galerie 59, Paris, FRANCE
                -Art Miami,FL, USA by Art Bastion, USA
                -e-59 2016_ Galerie 59, Paris, FRANCE
                -Exposition et vente au profit des refugies_Gallery 21, Paris, FRANCE
2015    -Creative Mischieve ,National Academy Museum, NY, USA
                -Outdoor Visions_Sonya Gechtoff Gallery, NY, USA
2014    -INK,PRESS,REPEAT (National Juried Printmaking and Book Art Exhibition)_William Paterson University Galleries, USA                     -Oakcliff's Spring Art Show_Oakcilff Sailing Club, NY, USA
                -Notan_Palisades 906 Gallery, NY, USA
                -Creative Mischieve_National Academy Museum, NY, USA  
2013    -Beyond the Classical_Sonya Gechtoff Gallery, NY, USA
                -Project in Contemporary Art_Sonya Gechtoff Gallery, NY,USA
                -Relative in the Distance Show_National Academy School. NY, USA
                -Creative Mischieve_National Academy Museum, NY, USA
2012    -The Poetic of the Sign_Sonya Gechtoff Gallery, NY, USA                            
                -ABC of Print Show_National Academy Project Wall, NY, USA
Media Coverage 
 2020  -Next Creators, TV Japan
               -Diners Magazine
               -National Geographic Kids, summer 179 issue
               -Waraku Magazine
​               -Journal du Design
2018   -World Design Magazine AXIS (Vol. 197) JAPAN
   -Sikoba Network , LUXEMBOURG
               -Mala Tinta Magazine
               -Nariyuki Gaidou Tabi ( Oct 28 ), Fuji Television, JAPAN
               -HAMANABI, TVK Television, JAPAN
               -Milano Corriere ,ITALY
2017   -​Colossal
               -Journal du design
               -Amercian Craft Council Magazine (June/July)
2012   -"Tree House Project" Yomitime Magazine, USA
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